8 Simple Tips for Ecohome Cooling Improvements

Ecohome Cooling is a new concept for cooling your home in an eco-friendly way. There are several ways for this cooling system. But, problems arise due to wearing or tearing, lack of fixes and more. So, know here how to make your Ecohome Cooling more effective removing problems. There are so many easy ways to make your home energy efficient and eco-friendly. Here’s just a few to help you get through the extreme weather months.

Cover Leaky Windows

If you have old leaky windows, you can cover them with a few bucks. Use a thin sheet of plastic over them that will save you money. You can find these plastic kits at a hardware store. Put them on with double-sided tape. Then, run a hairdryer over it to tighten it up. Now, all these efforts will make them less visible. A well-built window will not let any heat pass to your home. So, it is a good way of Ecohome Cooling.

Insulation of Roof

Proper insulation will help you cool air from your home. You can consider attic insulation of your roof. The roof is the most crucial place to ensure proper insulation. In older homes, there is always insufficient insulation. Blowing a seamless blanket of cellulose could save a huge amount and keep cool inside your home every summer season. You can do this for your walls as well. This can also reduce your power bills.

Double-Glaze Windows

Double glaze the windows.  They have a pocket of air between them that traps the temperature from outside. You can also have some white backed curtains that will help reflect the hot sun better facilitating Ecohome Cooling.

Ecohome Cooling

Maintain Proper Ventilation

Maintaining airflow is important. You can keep internal doors open, and install ceiling fans.

Eat Fresh

Avoid using your oven during hotter periods. There are some healthier recipes for the hot months. If you must have to cook or heat something, leave it until the evening. In evening heat will reduce and it will be better to heat or cook.

Create Shade of Shrubs

You can plant large shrubs or trees outside your windows and doors. Then, put awnings on all sun-facing windows. Keeping your home from direct sunlight will mean Ecohome Cooling. It will save money and energy.

Reduce the Humidity

Water carries heat very well, so dry your towels and clothes outside. Don’t use the clothes dryer. It will reduce the consumption of electricity and increase the room heat more.

Use Efficient Lighting

Another easy way of Ecohome Cooling is using LEDs and CFL. Lights contribute most of the part of heating as they light continuously. Incandescent bulbs produce lots of heat. So, if you replace them with LEDs it will reduce the heat to a greater extent. LEDs and CFLs have special coatings that help the light look bright and natural without producing actual heat.

Patch up Leaks

Patch up any ventilation leaks in your home. Get space fillers and patches that can effectively seal your home. It will help to reduce the escape of cooling in the outer environment.