Tips on How To Lower Energy Bills During Summers

Summers are the crucial time when most of us enjoying chilling indoors with air condition system at its highest consumption. What’s more, it’s the refrigerator that keeps our throat cool and pleasant. In the process, higher energy bills are always a matter of great concern. Today we shall discuss the several tips on how to lower energy bills during summers.

  • Have You Checked The Energy Leaks?

How To Lower Energy Bill

Energy leaks are the electronics and electrical that is plugged in when not in use. Unplugging the electronics that aren’t being used must be practiced. Often the television sets, digital photo frames, toasters, grinders or even mobile chargers are kept on standby mode. Unplugging the unused appliances is one of the ways on how to lower energy bill.

  • Switch To Energy-Saving Systems

Use of air conditioners during summers makes it imperative to use energy-saving systems. There are devices available in the market that helps optimising the relationship between the thermostat and the compressor of your air conditioning system. It saves money by turning off for short ‘rest periods ‘and at the same time maintains the desired temperature of the home. By switching onto highly intelligent technology will help you reduce the run time of the air conditioning’s compressor by an average of 30%, which brings down to energy savings from 20 to 40%.

  • Try Using The Fan On ‘Auto’ Mode

If you live in a place where the temperature drops down in the evenings or night, you can use the fan ‘auto’ mode of the air conditioner. This will help circulate the air in your house and reduce the need to use the air conditioner. All you got to do is turn the fan on ‘auto’ mode.

  • Placing Of Other Heating Elements Near The Air Conditioner

Putting heating appliances such as lamps or TVs, dishwasher near the thermostat of the air conditioner will not make the AC efficiently work. During summers it is best recommended to set the thermostat at 78. You can switch off the air conditioning at night or early morning, and the room remains cool and pleasant.

  • Check On Summer Utility Rates

Every area’s utility companies have peak-time summer energy rates. You can check that with your area’s utility company and know their peak time summer energy bill rates. Often during the hottest time of the day, the rates are kept high. Plan your laundry, dishwashing, etc. after the peak time as stated.

  • Servicing Of Your Air Conditioning System

How To Save On Energy Bill

Summer is the time when the optimum use of AC is done. It is advised that before the summers arrive, your AC must undergo a thorough checking and cleaning process. This will help the AC run as an energy-efficient unit.

Final Thoughts

When the question arrives on How to Lower Energy Bill during summers, one must always understand that smaller the difference in the temperature of outdoor and indoor, lesser is the bill. However, by incorporating the above plan of action will help you reduce your electric bill significantly.

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