Seniors Get on Board with Electric Bill Savings Enjoyed by Corporations

As a recently retired journalist, I like to check facts. When I started looking into this new product that claimed to reduce my monthly cooling bill I was impressed to learn that leading companies are using the industrial version of Ecohome to save money on their cooling costs for workplaces of all sorts, from offices to manufacturing plants to commercial refrigeration storage facilities. We’re talking major global enterprises like Dell Computers, General Electric, Hilton, Mercedes Benz and McDonalds, who now enjoy combined savings of millions, while also benefitting the planet by reducing their energy consumption.

And the science behind Ecohome is well explained: essentially ECOhome optimizes the relationship between the thermostat and the compressor on your existing air conditioning or heat pump system. Ecohome saves money by turning the compressor off for short ‘rest’ periods, while still maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels in your home. This highly intelligent technology reduces the run time of the ac compressor by an average of 30%. The resulting energy savings run from 20-40%. 

Don’t confuse this with so-called ‘smart’ thermostats, because they do not make your system more efficient when it is running. Ecohome can be combined with such a thermostat, but one is not necessary.

If, like me, you are on a fixed income, you won’t mind investing around $500 in order to save as much as $1,500 annually. And the one-time investment in Ecohome pays off year after year. My wife and I are using the savings to fund an extra annual trip to see the kids. And we’re not keeping Ecohome a secret: we just sent the kids a link so they can save on their home cooling costs too!

Knowing that Ecohome uses the same technology that has been proven in thousands of commercial installations around the world gives homeowners confidence as the consumer launch rolls out in Arizona and southern California. Even if you have the most modern home cooling equipment with intelligent controls, Ecohome will provide significant energy efficiency gains.

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